„Non scholae, sed vitae discimus.
Not for school, but for life, we learn. “

– Seneca the Younger, 106. Letter


The art lessons of the KLANGATELIER are not part of any existing school of painting or drawing. The art school highlights the school’s free expression of creativity, which ranges from Japanese calligraphy to blacklight installation. Installations, crafts, folding or the production of audiovisual art are just as commonplace as the still life of a table. In fact, it should be a place to try things out. Primarily, acrylic is used because the drying times at e.g. Oil paints would be too long for our educational concepts. Otherwise there are of course pastel crayons, oil crayons, various pens, watercolors, coal etc. in our repertoire. Training in the mix of different media is also important to us. Work is done on a canvas or at the table. In contrast to conservative teaching, which involves the stubborn memorizing of great painters, there is a particular focus on the individual use of the artistic means and the general artistic expression.

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The administration

The KLANGATELIER was founded by Marie-Therese Goiser. The combination of musical and artistic training as well as qualified children’s group care has given the MAGO KLANGATELIER its uniqueness. Already more than 12 years of experience in teaching support the educational concept of the music and art school, which is constantly reviewed and optimized for the students of the KLANGATELIERS. At the TAKE FESTIVAL and PLAYGROUND FESTIVAL she exhibited a interactive, audiovisual blacklight installation. Piano composition started at the age of 15.

We look forward to working together to give your creative expression of musical and artistic knowledge a comfortable place for development. CENTER YOUR INTERESTS.