“Non scholae, sed vitae discimus.
Not for school, but for life, we learn. “

– Seneca the Younger, 106. Letter


The music lessons of the KLANGATELIER and its teaching concept are based on the plans of the Conference of the Austrian Music Schools (KOMU) and therefore also stand in the tradition of the general music schools in Austria. The classical training at the instrument is enriched by the addition of own considerations to the lessons, which are influenced above all by the education to the graduated child group supervisor. In contrast to the conservative teaching, which only provides for playing on the instrument, a particular focus is on the individual use of the instrument and the general musical expression of the student. The forms of instruction are: PIANO and SINGING, MUSICAL EARLY EDUCATION and WORKSHOPS IN PIANO AND SINGING. The art school highlights the school’s free creativity expression, which ranges from Japanese calligraphy to blacklight installation.

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The classical education at the instrument is enriched by the addition of own considerations to the lessons, which benefited above all from the education to a graduated children’s group educator. Unlike conservative lessons, which only consider playing on instruments, children are multisensively prepared for music theory, complex compositions, a compositional understanding and music as a lifelong companion. The accompanying book and the lessons for early musical education were developed after a detailed conception in the KLANGATELIER and include besides the common music also the building of instruments as well as demonstrations by different musicians to make it easier for the children to decide which instrument suits them.


Adult students are basically given the same lessons as children in the KLANGATELIER. The focus, however, is more on individual music production. Therefore, in addition to the classical learning of piano playing and singing, the recording of piano pieces and vocal pieces is an important part of the teaching concept.

The Administration

The KLANGATELIER was founded by Marie-Therese Goiser. The combination of musical and artistic training as well as qualified children’s group care has given the MAGO KLANGATELIER its uniqueness. Already more than 12 years of experience in teaching support the educational concept of the music school, which is constantly reviewed and optimized for the students of the KLANGATELIERS. We look forward to working together to make musical and artistic knowledge exciting and intoxicating.