Early musical education for children

In addition to the one-to-one lessons, it was particularly important for us to offer group lessons in the form of early musical education for children. After an initial interview, the children are appropriately divided into groups. Pedagogically, the musical education benefits that the teacher of the lessons is also a certified Kinergruppenbetreuerin and additionally focused on the holistic promotion of children.

Duration of training: 1 year.


We are especially proud of our textbooks that we have designed especially for our lessons.

Music is language and communication and should not only be kept to itself, but also find its common expression. By means of playful teaching concepts (rhythmic, music theory and instruments) the early haptic, cognitive, social and artistic competences should be strengthened without the character of a lesson. In that sense, the goal is to build a musical setting for children that they can and want to take home.

In addition, other creative expressions are encouraged by drawing to music and origami folds. For the fun group lessons, the KLANGATELIER has an e-piano, xylophones, kalimba, ukuleles, tone woods and endless material for sharing the instruments and also singing together.