Reaction • Abstraction

For young and old. Wide brushes, round brushes, spatulas, sponges and Co. We try everything and mix through different styles.

Traditionally, the art school deals with the turn of the century and later (Miró, Kandinsky etc.), as well as the abstraction of the form itself.

The idea of teaching is based on abstract consideration, its practical implementation on different levels (drawing, collage, painting, etc.) to develop its own formal language and thus we are directly in the stylization of their own artistic expression. Also, the school is characterized by the fact that the process of painting through slow movements is almost a meditative training.

In addition, the course visitor is in constant confrontation with himself and the questioning of the desire of abstraction. Does realism bother you? Or is abstraction realism?

Canvases can be provided upon request for the course visitors.