What do I actually want to learn?

Summer holidays. Whether at school or university. The holidays have always been too long for me. You don’t see your friends and learning is actually fun.

Some of you have sweetened your summer holidays at the Vienna Summer School of Music & Arts and learned a lot about instruments, origami folding, playing the piano, singing AND of course and mainly:

What do I actually want to learn?

A question that is not easy to answer. But in the Summer School you were able to let off steam. Not everyone wants to spend a whole year doing the same thing, so our semesters are adapted to your needs: playing the piano for a week, maybe painting the next week with acrylic.

So which questions are important here?

What am I interested in? Piano? Singing? Painting?
Painting? Drawing? Drawing? Handicrafts? A little bit of everything?

Am I rather a
calm or whiny character?

Do I like calm, gentle sounds or colours or do I like
do I want to feel my body while making music or also in the art studio?

Do I like to obey orders or
Do I always want to go my own way?

Do I need a hobby or a vocation?

Why am I interested at all in
Music and Art
and with whom do I associate the topics?

You have thought about them? Then write us an e-mail or simply call us. We will be happy to put together an individual programme for you.
Only playing the piano or painting is boring.

We are looking forward to seeing you!