The workshops take place on Saturdays and should live on the fact that we work together to develop knowledge. Workshops are helpful for us musicians because they show us different approaches to music and thus change our own perspective on music production.

For all workshops applies

Take two friends with you and
the workshop will be free for you


The offers take place from 2 course visitors.

• Accompaniment and composition at the piano •

Duration: 4 hours

The crash course “Accompaniment and composition at the piano” provides a compact and comprehensive introduction to accompaniment and composition at the piano. The target group for the workshop are first and foremost song and songwriters who want to refine their compositions or, in addition, want to move on to composing at the piano.

• Voice and presence •

Duration: 4 hours

You already like singing and much and you want to develop yourself technically? Are you afraid to sing to people and want to expand your stage presence? The singing workshop in the Klangatelier provides a broad understanding of what it means to sing and how to improve it through exercises and personal initiative.

• Notation workshop •

Duration: 4 hours

Record Piano Pieces MIDI? Notation in Logic Pro X or MuseScore? Notation by hand? There are many ways to record music. You get a crash course. Children who like to compose are also sincerely welcome.

• Clave workshop •

Duration: 4 hours

The Klanghölzer workshop has proved itself several times as a fun children and family event. Make your hands dirty with paint and rhythm games into old age!

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