Marie-Therese Goiser


2D // 3D // Sound Art // Concept Art

Works in progress

10 animations

13 exhibitions

5 virtual art projects


2021 Establishment of International Art & Culture Exchange Programms (Austria-Japan-France-UK)

2021 Sound production for a stop-motion-animation [in progress]

2021 Founder MAGO KLANGATELIER. School for Fine Arts, Music, Digital Media & Web in St.Pölten & Vienna

2020-2021 Exhibition preparation with the sound artist Sebastian Radlbauer URBAN ART SOUND ST.PÖLTEN. Bild. Ort. Klang. Exhibition catalogue with audio download [in progress]

2020 Covid-19-Lockdown: Experimental Art Phase

2020 Virtual Exhibition ART EXPERIENCE: You are not alone [3D]

2019 The Piano Project: Sound rooms

2018 Concept Art in 2D and 3D for the video game “Fences” [in progress]

2018 Jury member Planet Festival Tour (nationwide music contest)

2017 Exhibition KLANGATELIER KOLLEKTIV: Pick a Sound at the TAKE FESTIVAL & PLAYGROUND FESTIVAL (Audiovisual Experimental Art Festival) in Vienna

2017 Art Workshop with People with visual impairment in Vienna

2017 Charity Origami Workshop for children at Children Winter Ball: Fantasia at Palais Niederösterreich in Vienna

2017 Label release MAGO KLANGATELIER Productions

2017 Founder of BETONT – Foundation for Promoting Creative Leisure Activities in Vienna

2016-2017 Certificate Youth and Children’s Group Suvervisor

2016 Extracurricular Lectures on Sound Design and Fine Arts at University of Applied Arts (dieAngewandte) in Vienna

2015-2016 Assistant position at University of Vienna (Japanese Studies)

2014-2015 Academic exchange year at Hosei Daigaku / Hosei University in Tokyo

2012 BA Japanese Studies and History of Art Lectures at University of Vienna

2011-2012 Academic exchange year at Université de Paris (former known as Université Diderot Paris VII) in Paris

2011-2012 Intverviewer on topics of Art and Japan litges Literarische Gesellschaft St.Pölten

2011 voluntary work at the World Museum/Weltmusem (cultural anthropology) in Vienna