Marie-Therese Goiser

I am fascinated by the way we learn to see and how visual artists act on it. We learn multi-sensorily by reading a book, watching a film, looking at pictures and photographs. Checking out new digital art online. Listening to music. Eating something new. Visual art is weaved into a net of different kind of sub- and pretexts, of different media. … I love how my art takes over and tells me a story I’ve already forgotten. A story about life.”

Born 22.03.1990 in Vienna; currently residing in St.Pölten, Lower Austria
University of Vienna, Université de Paris, 法政大学 (Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan), selected courses at the University of applied arts in Vienna; Subjects: Japanese studies, art history, sound design, drawing
Artist, art and piano teacher at MAGO KLANGATELIER
Painting and Drawing (analogue/digital), Pixel Art, Sound (Instruments [especially Piano], Voice, Experimental), 3D Art, Installation
Picture studies, ways of seeing, cultural industry, institutional critique, art education, trans-nationality, digital transition, ellipsis, (hyper-/over-)realism, abstraction, Pop culture
Playground Festival (Vienna), TAKE FESTIVAL (Vienna), Vienna Art Salon (Vienna)

Selected Works

Series “Teleporter” 2022

Harmony is a pile of pixel sounds. 波が。2022
A classical composition, 2022

Storytelling. The pictures are shown printed with audio tracks (headphones) that provoked the observer to associate digital and analogue sound patterns with visual input. In-Room-Recordings and MIDI sounds exist in a place of unity.

Series “Transnational Pop Art Rondo” 2021-22

Do we know where our fantasy comes from?

Series “Home again” 2020-22

I moved back to my home town. And invented a place, I already knew. (acrylic paint on canvas and cardboard)

Series “Monolith” 2022

These are stories people told me about their lifes.

Series “I learned 3D art because I wanted to impress my ex-boyfriend #feminism” 2018

He will love me because I can become what he loves. Never leave me. (Unfinished selection.)

Installation “Pick a sound” 2017 (Playground Festival x TAKE Festival, Vienna)

with: Floke und Basti

In this installation, the visitors were invited to play – pick – florescent wool threads that made electronic sounds when touched. The room had a soundtrack, we made from scratch (recordings of shoes, bowls and other everyday objects) and then created a soundscape for the room. The interaction of the visitors with the installation created a collective feeling of connectivity that was produced by being in one room, becoming one sound complex with the people by picking a sound. (I loved the children that had a very positive and curious reaction to the installation. I had to reconstruct the installation a bit after children were playing with our “instrument” for hours.) The installation was meant as a bridge between haptic and auditive experiences that should make us realise our idea of sound, music, instruments and human interaction what was depicted by the room-in-room wool threads that very delicately held the installation together and invited visitors for a collective experience.

Playground Festival x TAKE Festival: “Pick a sound”, 2022

Series “Hide_out” 2014-2017 (Vienna Art Salon, Vienna)

As a child I fell in love with abstract art. I fell in love with constellation.

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Marie-Therese Goiser
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